"Home of the first captive-bred Radiated tortoises in the Philippines"


radiated tortoise breeders in the philippines and their baby radiated hatchling
Soda, Cola, and Our Radiated Tortoise Breeders

Featuring Soda, our adult male Radiated tortoise, his breeding partner, Cola, an adult female Radiated tortoise, and the rest of the Radiata family.

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captive-bred radiated tortoises in the philippines
Breeding Radiated Tortoises

Documenting our journey of successfully breeding Radiated tortoises in the Philippines, from tortoise mating, laying, candling, incubation and hatching.

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baby radiated tortoise
Taking Care of Tortoises in the Philippines

This is a compilation of the most common questions that we get in our page regarding tortoise care. Topics include tortoise diet, setup, DENR permits, etc.

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adult male sulcata tortoise eating okra, a common vegetable in the philippines
Mocha The Sulcata Tortoise

Documenting the growth of Mocha starting from when he was a baby tortoise all the way to when he reached the size of an adult male Sulcata

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captive-bred star tortoise hatchling in the philippines
Our Star Tortoise Breeders

Photos of our Star tortoise breeders and our first ever captive-bred tortoise named Cracker, hatched in 2006.

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baby indian star tortoise emerging from its egg
Breeding Indian Star Tortoises

Documenting our journey of successfully breeding Star tortoises in the Philippines. X-ray of tortoise eggs, laying, egg development, hatching and more.

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the entrance to the Live Turtle and Tortoise Museum in Singapore
Photos of Tortoises From Zoos and Parks

A compilation of photos of tortoises taken from different zoos, parks, and gardens in different countries. Places include Dusit Zoo, HK Botanical and more

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tortoise replicas and figurines
Our Collection of Tortoise Replicas and Figurines

Featuring our collection of tortoise replicas, tortoise figurines, as well as a few preserved tortoises.

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tortoise meme
Tortoise Memes and Video Memes

Featuring our very own tortoise memes. We created them to spread good vibes and to show that taking care of tortoises isn't boring at all.

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radiated tortoise philippines
In Memory of Whitey, The Radiated Tortoise

A tribute to Whitey, our female Radiated tortoise who had passed away several years ago.

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with my radiated tortoise breeders in the philippines
About Soda's Tortoise Garden

Soda's Tortoise Garden is a privately owned tortoise facility that is accredited by the Bureau of Animal Industry (BAI) and DENR-NCR in the Philippines

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